Make my video

Via boyculture, I watched this pretty amazing fan video for Madonna’s bonus-track-that-should-have-been-on-the-album “Beautiful Killer.”

It got me to thinking a lot about back in 1986 when Madonna and MTV partnered up for the “True Blue” video, resulting in the contest “Make My Video.”  If you watch no other video today, make it this one because it is an amazing relic of a time gone by plus it features Madonna doing her best Cyndi Lauper impression.

The winning video was nothing to write home about.  I recall some of the other finalists and even ones that didn’t make the cut being better.  What I DO remember is Blue Thursday – at least I’m pretty sure it was a Thursday –  during which MTV played all (or at least a good chunk) of the submitted videos.  Nothing but “True Blue” all day long.  It was enough to make you never want to hear the song again.  And for as unsatisfying as the winning video was, Madonna’s own video which saw release in Europe wasn’t a whole heck of a lot better.  The white hair and dark eyebrows contrast was never as stark as it was in this video.  Still, it was a highly sought after video to see by a young Dan, flipping between Friday Night Videos, Night Tracks and MTV armed with a VCR ready to tape it if it came on.  It finally saw the light of day on the Celebration DVD.

Knowing full well that the footage in the “Beautiful Killer” video was NOT original footage, , it got me to thinking, if this contest were run today, can you imagine the quality videos for “True Blue” that we would get out of this, considering the advances in technology, not to mention how much more affordable video recorders have become?  I think the results would be at least interesting and possibly amazing.

I know it will never happen since 1) MTV doesn’t play videos and 2) Madonna is not a big draw any longer, but a guy can dream, right?

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