Last Easter Bunny

So here it is, Easter Eve 2012. Heidi’s downstairs hiding the last of the plastic eggs we filled this afternoon while Anna was out at the horse barn. We never looked for eggs when we were kids, mostly because we always had to be up at the crack of dawn for the Easter Breakfast prep at church. What good Lutherans my parents were! Anna left a note for the Easter Bunny – it’s a very tweenish note talking about how she’s cutting sugar out of her diet and she’d love to have eggs filled with pistachios, although some candy is ok, because as she wrote “I AM still a kid.” She asked for an egg especially for her kitten, Daisy, so yeah, she’s still a kid.

The bummer part of this Easter is that she is sick with a cold. This is a double bummer because not only is it no fun to be a kid and be sick on a holiday, I also have a sneaking suspicion that this will be the last year for Easter Bunny belief. She’s believed much longer than I expected her to. But still, the end of belief is never easy, especially for a sentimental old fool like me who was just holding his newborn baby girl in his arms yesterday so how she can be 10 years old I really can’t understand.

I often wonder if I would be as sentimental about a son as I am my daughter. Probably I would be, but there is something about a dad and his daughters. I think that goes double when you have only one daughter and triple when that one daughter is also your only child. All the big milestones that all kids go through I’m only going to get to experience once. If there were another kid to do it younger than Anna, maybe I wouldn’t be as sentimental as I am.

Who knows, right? As Popeye says, I am what I am. Anna tells me her ears are plugged up as is her nose and I launched into my father-as-a-protector mode, just wanting to make her feel better even though I know that all kids get sick and yeah, it sucks to be sick on Easter but as tragedies go, it’s pretty minor.

Maybe the Easter Bunny will make one last appearance next year. Maybe belief will persist just one more year. But if not, there’s no doubt that she’ll want to hunt for eggs every year.

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