Anna’s education

Anna and I are reading Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion out loud together.  She reads a page, I read a page and so on and so forth.  I’ve found that I can really engage her in reading if I throw in horses which are probably her most favorite things in the entire world.  Anyway, we’ve been having a great time reading it even though we’ve been slow about it because of me working late a lot and then life just getting away from us.

Reading with Anna has also caused some very unintentionally hilarious moments as well.  They are constantly talking about “the barn door” in The Black Stallion.  When I hear the phrase “barn door” I can only think of “the barn door’s open!” which is something that you never wanted to be told as a kid because it meant your zipper was down.  I told this to Anna and now that she knows this, we laugh uproariously every single time the phrase “barn door” is used.

Tonight we were reading the chapter when they sneak the Black into a race track to give him a chance to run on a real track and for Alec (the boy in the book) to ride the stallion.  In the book, the Black “streaked down the track.”  Naturally, because I am 12, this phrase made me laugh and then I was stuck explaining the concept of streaking to Anna.  Once she knew what it was, she descended into one of those uncontrollable laughing fits that I’ll miss when she’s an adult.

Then I remembered the Oscar Streaker, and figuring that it was probably PG-13 rated at worst, I showed it to her.  And, seriously, why the fuck is this video embedding disabled?  Why is ANY video embedding disabled?  Oh well, watch it here.

We watched it probably 10 times.  And David Niven’s response is still classic.

And now Anna knows what a streaker is.

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One Response to Anna’s education

  1. christinasr says:

    I have never seen this clip before – what an amazing response from David Niven! And I remember loving the Black Stallion books too when I was a little girl – now I wish someone had read them out loud for me!

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