Mix CD Redux: The Singleton Mix

In an attempt to get myself to write a little bit more, I thought I’d take a look back through my CD “wallet” (they call it a wallet, I call it a suitcase) and revisit some of the mix CDs that I enjoyed making so much in the early part of the 2000s.  Really, a CD burner was made for someone like me, who had making mix tapes down to an art in the 80s and 90s.  I kind of already did one of these posts when I revisited the Oscar 2001 mix CD that I made for the Oscars that year.  Oddly enough, I did that post a year ago today.  Must be something about Oscar Sunday.

On the way to Anna’s last basketball game yesterday (where they were smoked 50-8), I was listening to the No Doubt song “Hey Baby” which was a song I had almost completely forgotten about.  But for some reason, it stirred up memories of The Singleton Mix – a CD that was made for our friend Mary at the time.  We had all three of us recently read the book and seen the film Bridget Jones’ Diary.  Mary, who was single at the time, always compared herself to Bridget.  We would always try to work in the line about being eaten by Alsatians into everyday conversation.  I don’t know if the song selection is really very much “singleton” or Bridget Jones, although the Gabrielle song “Out of Reach” was on there, but we mostly just liked to use any excuse to make Mary a mix CD because she was always so appreciative of them.

Here’s the cover:

Again, it’s quite the mix, but full of hits of the spring of 2001 and, as is my M.O., other years as well.

A few observations about the mix:

1)  In what can only be chalked up to a Napster/Audiogalaxy mislabel, there’s No Doubt singing “Come On Eileen.”  Actually, it’s the Save Ferris version but you have to admit that it does sound a fair bit like Gwen Stefani.

2)  There are plenty of songs on this mix that had completely left my brain until I revisited it this morning.  Sarina Paris?  WTF?  I had even forgotten about “Hands Clean” and, as previously mentioned, “Hey Baby.”  And let’s not even get started on “Wrong Impression” which I’m embarrassed to say I forgot about because it’s the one of maybe three Natalie Imbruglia songs I really really like.

3)  That Dimitri From Paris song has an interesting story to go with it.  Basically, the song is a jazzy little number that has sampled dialogue from Breakfast at Tiffany’s in it.  Heidi and I heard it when we were shopping at Old Navy one afternoon and, true to form, we laughed hysterically at it.  We just HAD to find it.  If we had had Google in its current form, it would have been a snap, but I remember it taking a bit of searching to find out the title of the song and then, well, Audiogalaxy did the rest.  (Questions of legality aside, I really do miss Audiogalaxy, almost more than Napster.  It really was the Wild West era of music on the Internet.)  Anyway, we would always make baby Anna dance to it, resulting in this snapshot.

3)  The Samantha Mumba song was on the Oscar 2001 mix as well.  And even now, I still kinda like it.

4)  The Janet Jackson remix?  Well, what can I say.  Audiogalaxy and Napster and the quickly evolving “create your own dance mix” software led to a plethora of shitty fan mixes of most of the 80s divas that I lapped up with a spoon.  The benefit of 11 years of hindsight has made me rethink my opinion on most of them, but there are still a handful of them that are decent.  I’ve spent years thinking that this is one of them.  Come to find out it’s actually official, just not correctly tagged (imagine that.)  It basically drops the ballad “Every Time” over a dance beat which usually doesn’t work and this one just barely works.  The best examples of ballad-to-a-dance song are probably still “My Heart Will Go On” and Mariah’s “Anytime You Need A Friend.”  Still, this is kind of a nice easy groove and I can see myself listening a little more now that I’ve rediscovered it.

5) I still kind of love “Your Woman.”  It makes my Dan’s Favorites playlist on my iPod every now and then until I get sick of it and forget about it until I remember it again and then back onto the playlist it goes.  It’s a Drug Town song if there ever was one – one of those songs that I heard a shit-ton of times while working at Drug Town in the very late 90s.

6)  Gary Barlow’s “Superhero” is probably Heidi’s addition to this mix.  It was a song that was a heavy part of the soundtrack to the first story she ever finished, The Rancher & The Runaway Princess.  It’s unpublished and likely never will be published, but I have a soft spot for it.  Every time I hear this song, I think of it.  And “Superhero” is a great song to end a CD with.

Mary is no longer a Singleton and is getting married this year.  Somehow, I doubt she’ll ever qualify as a Smug Married though.

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2 Responses to Mix CD Redux: The Singleton Mix

  1. Mary35 says:

    This is one of my favorites! I love the cover too. It’s still traveling around in my car. I like to pop in CD’s when the music on the radio sucks (often).

    P.S. I deserve to be eaten by Alsatians if I become a smug married.

  2. Dan, it sounds like you did the same as I did — make a mix for a friend but make a copy for yourself as well. I should dig out some of my old mix CDs. I’d do the same with the cassettes, but alas, I’m currently sans player.

    I’d venture to say that one reason Mariah’s “Anytime You Need A Friend” works so well in its translation from ballad to club stomper is that she re-sang the vocals. (Or that’s what she’s so often done when it comes to her remixes, so I assume she did there as well. “My All” is my favorite of her ballad-to-club set.)

    “Wrong Impression” is my favorite Natalie Imbruglia song because it sounds so much like The Sundays. Thanks for the reminder.

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