Ticket anxiety

I bought tickets for Madonna’s World Tour 2012 (seriously, there’s not going to be a catchy name like Sticky & Sweet or even just MDNA Tour 2012?) Tuesday.  Buying Madonna tickets is always more anxiety-inducing than you might expect.  What should be an exhilarating event usually ends up stressing me out as at first you hope that you can even get tickets and then, when you get in, how much of your soul you’re going to have to sell for nosebleed seats.

This year I spent $18.95 for an Icon Live Pass – something through the official fan club that allowed you to have access to a presale 6 days prior to the general on-sale date.  They had a certain number of tickets allotted for the fan club and when they were gone, they were gone so even that didn’t guarantee seats.  Anyway, I did this because a friend of mine used it and ended up with pretty decent seats at the concert in his city so I thought what the hell?  At least I’d get into the fan club for a year and you got a free tour poster to boot – one less thing to haul home from the concert and keep unwrinkled during it.

As it turns out, it was the way to go.

In years past, we’ve pretty much always settled for the upper bowl.  You’re in the arena, but you’re still a long ways from the stage.  Last time around was the first time we’ve been head-on to the stage and actually, I felt further away from it than I had when we’d been on the sides of the stage.  It was nice to see the show as it was meant to be seen, but being so far away was also kind of a drag.  Sure they have the big screens, but I always feel like if I’m watching the screens, I might as well wait for DVD.  Yes, I realize all these things are first world problems of the highest degree.

So this time around, we have side seats again.  BUT we’re in the lower bowl.  Section 103, row 14.  Have a gander here:

And hopefully, this is what the stage will look like from our seats.

Not too shabby, eh?  It should be a fantastic night with a view like that.  And for the price I paid, I better have the night of my life.  As Heidi and I determined tonight, it’s slightly more per minute than a 1-900 number if she performs for a full two hours.

Predictably, buyer’s remorse set in rather quickly.  I should have gone for cheaper seats.  I should have not bought tickets at all because, after all, I’ve already seen Madonna in concert 4 times.  It’s the same old record that plays every time Madonna tours.  I don’t deserve it, I don’t have the money, I should just go to the corner and die and never do anything fun ever again.  I didn’t really do that before I bought the tickets, but man, it was there in full force after I bought them.  This was mostly due to the fact that this is, without a doubt, the most I have ever spent for concert tickets in all my born days.  My friend ChartRigger talked about how he took out a 75 year loan to see (as her refers to her) Ye Olde Vampyre in concert.  That’s about how I feel too!  I’m pretty much over that now, although I still feel twinges of it, even now, several days later.

The other thing that was different this time vs. all the other times I’ve bought tickets for Madonna’s show is that I didn’t just take the first seats I got.  I ended up with more or less the first seats I got, but I threw away many many sets of tickets.  At first, it was in an attempt to get cheaper seats if possible, but I got combinations of seats that I’ve never even come close to on other tours.  At one point, I threw away Row 19 Main Floor seats.  We had agreed prior to the pre-sale that we weren’t going to do floor seats because it can be hard to see, especially if you’re not 6 feet tall and plus, you end up standing all night.  I’m too old for that stuff!  At one point, I did have much cheaper seats, but they were in the corners of the arena.  Looking at the view from those seats on the web site, it kind of looked like we’d have to be turned to the side all night long which pretty much negates stadium seating.  It felt weird to throw away tickets after always just being glad as hell to be getting anything, but I knew I had a little wiggle room this time around.

By the time it was all said and done, I totally needed a Xanax.

But we’re going!  Again!  And I think this should be a fantastic tour.  She has gotten better about playing the oldies even if she is still resisting them a bit.  I predict that this tour will mark the return of a live performance of “Open Your Heart”, especially since it was hinted at in the SuperBowl performance and nearly made the Sticky & Sweet Tour.  It’s been 22 years, it’s time.

November 3rd, be there or be out a shitload of money.

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One Response to Ticket anxiety

  1. This makes me appreciate the relative obscurity of my favorite celebs. I expect when Colm Wilkinson comes to town this December, the max price for tickets *might* break $150.00. I think the most I’ve paid for Sarah Brightman in her heyday was about $85.00. And that’s when the Canadian dollar was considerably weaker.

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