Rumours at 35

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours turns 35 today.  That seems amazing to me, but clearly, it must be so.  To celebrate, here’s five facts about Rumours and me.

1.  My favorite song on Rumours is and will always be “I Don’t Want To Know.”  I’m glad it made the record and that “Silver Springs” didn’t.  There.  I said it.  Although really, that’s nothing new because I’ve said it before.  That makes me a bad Stevie fan but I love the fun guitar rock that is “I Don’t Want To Know.”  If I were in a band, I’d totally cover “I Don’t Want To Know.”

2.  Rumours was the second Fleetwood Mac album I purchased.  The first was Tango In The Night which I credit with getting me interested in Fleetwood Mac.

3.  I love the picture of the band on the back of the album.  They are babies!  And Mick looks psychotic.

4.  I think Lindsey’s songs are particularly strong on this album, especially “Second Hand News” which I think still sounds fresh today.  The hits, while still good, have been just a titch overplayed so the album cuts really help round out the album.

5.  Rumours is one of the most perfectly sequenced records ever.  Period.  I wouldn’t change a thing about it.  Song selection and song order are just spot on.

I wonder how many 80s and 90s records will sound as good at 35 as Rumours does.

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