Best of 2011: The year in blogging

I did this last year because my friend Brendan did it and it was, frankly, a brilliant idea.  I went through this year’s archives and selected one post from each month that I felt was worthy enough to be included in a “best of the blog” year end post.  I had 174 posts this year which was exactly the number I had in 2010.  Funny thing is it seemed like I blogged less this year – glad to see it was just an illusion.

The posts I chose to highlight are not necessarily the most popular or the most commented on.  As the shirt to the right says, not many people read this.  To be honest, most of my hits come from image searches.  But what the posts do represent is writing that I’m proud of and writing I’ll continue to do even though, as I’ve said countless times before, no one really reads blogs any longer.

January: Revisionist Ray.  I try to figure out exactly HOW “Ray of Light” has become a Madonna classic despite the fact that it really wasn’t that big of a hit.

February: The right thing to do.  A report from the front lines in the fight for marriage equality here in the Hawkeye State.

March: Ramona and Beezus and Dan and Anna.  I really did love this movie, but anything about dads and their daughters is likely to hit me just right

April: Black cat, nine lives.  We lost Blair, our cat of 11 years in April.  He was a crab and grouchy but also lovey and affectionate.  Above all, he was my cat and I won’t ever forget him.

May: The rush is never-ending.  Attending the Kylie concert in Dallas was the live show highlight of the year.

June: It didn’t make a sound.  In a light blogging month, the tale of a tree that lost a huge MF branch and we didn’t even know it.

July: The Book of Awesome.  Inexplicably, this is my most popular review on Goodreads.  I’m surprised because it’s actually quite bitchy.  Maybe it’s popular because it’s bitchy?

August: An impressive instant – 10 years on.  Revisiting Madonna’s Drowned World Tour which I attended with my Madonna partner-in-crime Jeff in 2001.

September: Gridless.  Prompted by the book Hamlet’s Blackberry, I begin to wonder if the connectedness we have thanks to social media means anything at all.

October: Can’t carve my pumpkin face.  Halloween and Lady Gaga parodies.

November: A place between up and down.  How Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Middle Ground” fits in with my own personal history.

December: Trailer wreck.  The trailer for the movie Courageous REALLY pisses me off.

Thanks to everyone for reading this year.  There’s one more Best of 2011 post (I think) coming up and then it’s off into 2012.

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