Looking up

All day long, I’ve been trying to come up with a topic for today’s post.  I had grand designs to write something long, but I just never had the wherewithal to actually sit down and write.  I did manage to finish A Walk In The Woods and I’m making serious tracks through Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir which is appropriate since World AIDS Day is only 2 days from now.  I was telling Heidi how I couldn’t think of anything to write about and she gave me an idea, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was going to take more time to research than I could really afford tonight.  But the idea did give me a springboard for another idea.  So if you enjoy this post, you can thank Heidi.

We all have our work spaces.  Mine’s not the tidiest in the world, but it’s mine.  Way back when, before we moved to Ames, Heidi and I actually shared a computer.  We have no idea how we ever did such a thing.  With her writing full time now, I would never get on the damn thing!  Anyway, everybody’s work space is unique to them, and mine is no exception.  I thought I’d post what I see when I look up at my desk, along with some commentary (and some explanation.)

Let’s start in the upper left hand corner and go clockwise.  You can see the bottom part of the plush Alien chestburster which I used to great effect in a Halloween costume a couple years ago.  Hanging below it is a rosary that I got from a weekend I spent at New Mellarey Abbey in Peosta, IA.  Spending a weekend among the monks (and being the only non-Catholic in all the attendees) was an experience I’ll not soon forget.  Right next to that is a Proventil Inhaler drug pen that I’ve managed to hold on to for all these years.  The golden age of drug pens is truly behind us now.

The white framed piece of paper is something that Heidi had when I met her and I somehow acquired it.  The Virginia Woolf quote “How shall I ever find the truth embedded in all this mass of paper?” was much more appropriate for my desk at my previous job which is where it hung until I left that job.  The disturbing photo of a rabbit against a red-orange background is something I taped up courtesy of Post Secret.  I remember reading it an knowing that it had to go above my desk where I would always be reminded of the sentiment.  Below that is one of my all time favorite Madonna photos.  Straight out of the Blond Ambition Tour Book (and the “Express Yourself” video), it is Madonna at her undisputed peak.  It’s a postcard my friend Matt found for me at record show and arrived completely unexpectedly in the mail one day.

Moving right along, there’s Anna’s 3rd grade picture taped to the side of my computer.  Next to that is one of the green banker’s lamps.  When I graduated from college, all I wanted was one of those green lamps.  I can’t recall if this is the one I bought right out of college or if this is a replacement of one that broke.  Right above that, on the wall is some kind of intercom system that’s built into the house.  I have no idea where the other end of it is.  It is not functional and every now and again I wonder why there’s an intercom system in a house.  Although I’m one to talk because when I need to get in touch with Heidi who is all the way upstairs, we use the 21st century intercom: Twitter.

The rest of the stuff is pretty mundane stuff like my phone and the USB wireless thing.  It’s not much, but it’s what I have.  And it’s VERY Dan.

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