Karen Black Friday

Let it be known that henceforth, the day after Thanksgiving will be known as Karen Black Friday.  A viewing of Trilogy of Terror will be mandatory.  Honestly, I think I’d rather face an army of the Zuni fetish dolls than the shoppers at Wal-Mart on the day after Thanksgiving.

The first two segments of this Karen Black starring TV movie are only ok, but it goes off the rails with the final segment, “Amelia”, which is based on Richard Matheson’s short story “Prey.”  Amelia has purchased a Zuni fetish doll for her boyfriend and it comes with a message not to let the gold chain belt fall off.  Naturally, it does.  The doll comes to life and hunts Amelia down relentlessly.  It hacks at her feet, it saws its way out of a suitcase, it screams and attacks.  After finally luring it into the oven and roasting it to death, Amelia believes she is safe.  She has no idea how wrong she is.

This movie is one of those movies that people of my generation remember all too well – mostly because it scarred many of us for life.  Like The Exorcist, this was one of those movies that scared me senseless, but I just HAD to watch it.  We taped it on one of those early model VCRs that was completely made out of metal and weighed as much as a small pick-up.  My brother and I watched the “Amelia” over and over and over again.  I think the movie scared my brother more than it did me (I remember him making up excuses to leave the room) but still, the Zuni fetish doll pursuing Karen Black through her Manhattan apartment is an iconic image burned into my mind.

Watching it now, it plays a bit hokey – you can practically see the doll being thrown from off camera.  Still, that doesn’t dampen the scare factor.  I think part of the reason for that is that the movie has this uncanny ability to speak to the part of you it initially scared the pants off of.  How did this thing ever make it past the TV censors?  All I can say is thank God it did.

And goddamn it, I waited too long on this.

Not in stock anywhere and on eBay, it’s fetching $135.  For that, I’d rather have the Cloverfield monster figure, which is an amazing 60% off at Entertainment Earth right now ($60 vs $150.)  Good idea for Christmas, people.

(hat tip to @Popservations who inspired this post by declaring it Rebecca Black Friday.  It’s hard to know which would be worse.)

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One Response to Karen Black Friday

  1. Ooh, I don’t know if I could even stomach “Amelia” at my 30+ years. I rarely watch horror films, and only today saw Jodie Foster’s ‘The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane’ for the first time. Not horror, per se, but creepy enough (Martin Sheen as a pedophile!).

    Thanks for the hat tip, though Kohl’s (and their agency) is really to blame for inflicting ‘Rebecca Black Friday’ on us all this year. The song’s been in my head ALL DAY.

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