What I did today

1.  I went to my child’s school conference in which I learned that she is thriving and doing quite well.

2.  I took my poor ailing wife to Complete Spine & Headache Center which was gracious enough to see her even though they weren’t open.  If that’s not service, I don’t know what is.

3.  I unfollowed Paranormal State’s Ryan Buell on Twitter because he was insisting on defending Penn State in the aftermath of the sex abuse scandal.  I can understand his need to defend his alma mater, but really, kids were abused.  These people do NOT get a pass because they won football games.

4.  I started the ball rolling on the next phase of Operation Getting Better Sleep.  I meet with a respiratory therapist next week.

5.  I posted a really lame blog post just to say that I posted today.  I’ll try to have something more substantial in the future.

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One Response to What I did today

  1. John Hill says:

    I feel like I should be singing along to Ice Cube…”I gotta say it was a good day.”

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