An early verdict

As I surmised in yesterday’s post – better days really were ahead, only I had no idea why!

I’ll officially be the millionth Madonna-stan with a blog to weigh in on the 24 seconds that have leaked of Madonna’s new single “Give Me All Your Love.”  As I said on Facebook, this is NOT the Stale Candy.  The fans are so starved for new Madonna material they crashed the Hard Candy Music web site.  It’s hard to tell just how good it is from the clip. It’s not long and not terribly HQ either.  But here’s what I have been able to surmise from what I have heard.

  • I feel miles better about it than I did the “4 Minutes” leak in 2008 – remember that, with the annoying French DJ talking over it?  I don’t feel like I’m trying to talk myself into liking it because I should like it.  Rather, this has a more organic feel to it.  And yes, cheesy dance pop CAN be organic.  Organic doesn’t just mean guys wearing jeans and no socks strumming on a guitar.
  • The lyrics are a bit insipid, but I don’t really care that much.  My friend Caryle pointed out the “we can drink some wine/burgundy is fine” lyric, but at least it’s not “my sugar is RAW.” (admittedly, we get tons of mileage out of that lyric in our house.)

Predictably, the first twinges of negativity on the first new Madonna song in over 2 years has started up already.  Perhaps my love of the song is premature, but if that is, so are the immediate dismissals.  Ultimately, we’re going to have to wait for the full song to leak, which at the rate we’re going, should be sometime this evening.

I guess I can kind of see where they’re coming from – many Madonna fans are probably expecting a very deep and soul-searching album, considering she’s working with William Orbit and also given the fact that Hard Candy was her most phoned in album ever.  Yes, she has given us this in the past.  One need look no further than the William Orbit produced Ray of Light or the quintessential “Madonna grows up” album Like A Prayer.  My armchair analysis tells me that Madonna is not in that place right now, at least maybe not for the kick off single which I think she desperately wants to be an American hit.  I think it’s misguided to expect something deep in a song called “Give Me All Your Love” just like it was misguided for Kylie fans to expect X to be a commentary on her experience with breast cancer.  She’s KYLIE for Pete’s sake!

So for now, the naysayers will be naysayers, but I’m choosing to be excited for new Madonna music.  Nothing gets me excited like new Madonna music and really, the world’s painful enough without putting shit on something that really gives me great joy.

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