Better days ahead

Today was one of those days during which I was reminded of the Casey Stratton lyric “there will be happier days, I promise you.”  Here’s why:

1 – Heidi is still sick with some weird mouth thing.  Overall, she’s better.  The swelling in her cheek has gone down, but now there are strange bumps on her tongue.  She was teasing me tonight that there’s a big yellow pus pocket (inside joke) on her lip.  All in all, she doesn’t hurt as much as she did over the weekend and now I think the antibiotic is starting to get to her – most people don’t get to take Augmentin and go without side effects.  So who knows. The doctor thinks there might be a viral component now so mostly, it’s just going to be something we ride out.  It’s hard when someone you love is sick – you just want to make them better and so frequently, it’s way out of your control.

2 – I’ve been fond of saying that I’ve been seeing signs of my advancing age all over the place.  Mostly, they’ve been confined to the pop culture – I don’t give two shits that Rihanna has 11 #1 songs now and I regret to inform you that I don’t find the new Kelly Clarkson album appealing in the slightest.  But I just got done with five evening shifts in a row at work and I am exhausted.  When I was in my early 30s, I could have done that with one hand tied behind my back.  Now, it caused me to completely stop going to the gym and I have really digressed on eating bad.  I’m not sure who brought in all those fun size Butterfingers, but I sure ate quite a few of them.  Sadly, time marches on for all of us and I have to admit that I am not 20 something anymore (and won’t be 30 something for much longer.)  Heidi just said to me a few minutes ago that it’s going to be no time at all  and Anna will be all grown up and out of the house.  Don’t get me started!  I am usually not one to obsess about age, but perhaps I have to have the turning-40 pseudocrisis after all.  Don’t worry, I won’t buy a convertible or trade my wife in for two 20-year old college girls.

3 – I was talking to my mom tonight on the phone and found out that my first boss and major pharmacy mentor (who I talked about in great detail in this post) is in hospice care.  He is probably in his early 80s, and has been in declining health for several years now, but still.  I think I should probably get over to Carroll to see him one last time to thank him in person for setting me down the road in the career I’m in now.  I’m serious – without that man’s influence, I might be the world’s unhappiest doctor or God-only-knows what rather than finding the profession that was just the right fit for me.  It makes me sad to see him at the end of life, even though we’re not sure when that end will come.  I guess you just have to be happy for the memories you have.

Still, for all that, it wasn’t all bad.  The calendar said today was Monday, but it was Friday for me!  And since it rained to beat the band tonight and there’s a 100% chance of rain tomorrow, I won’t be able to do that yardwork I really need to do.  So tomorrow might just be a flop day for me, reading and watching TV and doing whatever I feel like.  See – there are better days ahead.

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