Big fat lip

Last night at supper, Heidi told me that her lip felt kind of numb and swollen.  Not sure what to make of it, I kind of filed it away, thinking it’d be one of those things that got better on its own.  When I arrived home last night from work, I asked her how it was and she said that it was probably about the same, maybe a little worse.  Hmmm, I thought, not the direction it really should be heading in but it was  11PM and what could be done save go to the ER and it just did not seem like an ER kind of thing.

This morning, I took one look at her very swollen face and markedly larger lip.  When she said that it was feeling warm and extending into her cheek and down to below her jaw line, I decided we were hauling ass to the clinic.  It didn’t help that we slept till almost 11AM, so I knew appointment times would be at a premium.  Miraculously we got in not only to see a doctor, but our regular doctor who is well acquainted with Heidi’s various body issues.  I pretty much always go along, partially because I want to be her advocate in the doctor’s office and also because, by her own admission, she can never satisfactorily explain to me what the doctor said.  That’s my own fault – as a health care professional, I have high standards.

So what it boils down to is she has some angular chelitis that probably got either yeast or bacteria in it.  He gave her Augment 875mg to take twice a day.  That’s a pretty big gun, but I was glad she got it because it’ll kill just about anything that might be in there.  We also picked up some miconazole cream for topical use so that she can use rather liberally on the open sore where lips meet on the left side.  Because of the swelling, he told her she should take Benadryl scheduled for a while just to be sure and if it is no better or worse on Monday to call.  Overall I was very pleased with the interaction – he’s a good guy and I feel, always pays close attention to her issues.

It’s times like these that I really realize just what my pharmacy education has provided me.  Not only does it give me a pretty decent living, it also has given me knowledge that I have long since started to take for granted.  Sometimes, I forget that not everyone has the same level of drug knowledge as I do – that’s how second nature it’s become for me.  I will never forget Heidi’s amazement when I told her, early in our relationship, how most of the cold and cough remedies are made up of 1 or 2 of about six drugs and repackaged or reformulated and how important it was to read the label to see what you were actually getting.

But it’s more than that.  I like being able to go in to the doctor with her and, while I’m no doctor, it’s nice to have more than basic knowledge about what to expect from drugs and be able to more or less know if what’s being prescribed is rational.  Don’t get me wrong, I trust our doctor, but I really like being a double check.  I guess I give true meaning to the word “family pharmacist.”

So until the antibiotic kicks in, Heidi’s doing her best Madonna “Justify My Love” single cover impression:

Jesus Madonna, that collagen job was just terrible.

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One Response to Big fat lip

  1. Cat says:

    My father was a pharmacist too… and I worked in his chemist shop all through my teen and college years. I can’t tell you how many times his expertise saved the lives and health of patients who, if they’d received the dosages and types of meds indicated by their physicians on the scrip, would have been in serious jeopardy. It scared the bejeezus out of me, and I always asked his opinion on every medication I was prescribed over the forty years he practiced.

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