Can’t carve my pumpkin face

I was a huge parent failure this Halloween.  Anna’s been on my case for a week now to pull the Halloween decorations up from the basement and here it is, October 30th and I finally did it early this afternoon.  It seemed like such a waste of energy for something that will only last for one more day, but I did it anyway.  Once upon a time, Heidi and I really got into Halloween, but it seems like our ambition is less and less with each passing year.  Last year, we didn’t have a costume party and we didn’t even dress up for Halloween night.  This year we were a little bit better, but we left the party planning to someone else and although we all had costumes, it didn’t quite have the same spark it has had in years past.

So I decided that I’d make up my extreme tardiness in getting the decorations out of the basement to Anna by going all out on pumpkin-carving this year.  We had two pumpkins to carve and in years past, all we’ve ever done is the traditional triangle eyes and nose and jagged mouth.  Oh sure, we’ve done variations on the theme, but we never deviated too far from what everyone else seems to do.  Well, Anna decided this year that she wanted to do a cat pumpkin and although we found a pattern online that we could use, I could see that the big knives I usually used were not going to be sufficient.  We headed out to Target and got ourselves a pumpkin carving kit – complete with 12 different designs.

I was kind of expecting it to be impossible, but using a little common sense and following the damn directions, we wound up with some really cool pumpkins this year.  I missed the triangle eyes and big carving knife that I gave up for these more intricate designs, but Anna LOVED it.  She totally got into carving the actual pumpkin and I felt very comfortable with her doing so since the blade is very tiny and would really only give you a flesh wound vs. hacking off a finger.  One thing that hasn’t changed is her adamant refusal  to touch pumpkin guts.  I guess that will always be my job and I will repeat my yearly diatribe that certainly, if modern science can provide us with a seedless watermelon, they should be able to make a gutless pumpkin.  Until then, gutting the pumpkin will be my job.

Here are the two pumpkins we ended up with.  The first one is “Batty Cat” and the second one is “The King.”  “The King” was much harder than “Batty Cat” mostly because the design was much more detailed but also because that pumpkin had the thickest hide I have ever seen.  Cutting through it was a bitch.

Much to my surprise, Anna remembered the Lady Gaga parody that we made up last year during pumpkin carving – instead of “Poker Face” it was “Can’t carve my, can’t carve my, no you can’t carve my punkin face (his guts are so-o grody.)”  Hopefully we’ll sing it every year come pumpkin carving time.  And who knows, maybe next year we’ll be up for something like this (doubtful.)

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